Geneva Les Contamines Transfers

Private Airport Transfers to Les Contamines

We are a small private company providing a reliable, safe and affordable door to door service from Geneva Airport.

All transfers are Private Transfers: for you and your party this means no sharing the journey and no waiting around the airport for mac other flights to arrive before leaving for the resort and the start of your holiday.

Our comfortable fully air conditioned vehicles have all the safety features required for alpine winter conditions.

Geneva Les Contamines Transfers is fully insured and licensed with the French Transport department and also licensed to operate in the Cantons of Geneva.

Total price in Euros each way including all credit card charges!
Passengers Les Contamines
1 150
2 150
3 150
4 160
5 170
6 180
7 190
8 200

Contact: Dennis or Gillian Trott:
Office: +33450545963
Mobile: +33 610634558
e-mail: Email us here..mac


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